Test 1



- I thought the drama was terrific, with every principal showing true conviction and real
  understanding of what they sang. Considering the few rehearsals they had, the chorus
  acquitted themselves well. The advantage of singing in a closer environment is that it
  provides a warmth and immediacy that a bigger venue cannot provide. (F.M)


- The group sing with so much heart and emotion the sound was incredible and I was seriously
  impressed!! (V.S.)

- Deborah Aloba is engaging and has the ability to portray emotions well and has eyes that
  can tell a billion stories with one glance. (V.S.)

- Juwon Ogunbe makes an amazing sound (V.S.)


- The voices were very good and we look forward to the next production!!!! (E.T.)


- Valerie Grant was incredibly moving as Aida
  Ross Dolkov's has a beautiful voice and tone, really bell like at times